NSW Attractions For Arts Lovers

Known to be on the forefront of Australian culture, New South Wales has been a vibrant hub for art lovers ever since the 17th century. Numerous galleries across the state display artworks by local and international artists, as well as the legends from the past. There are dedicated galleries for aboriginal art and masterpieces from the Asia Pacific region as well. Here are a few attractions you should consider visiting via minibus hire with driver in NSW.  

Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery

Ideally positioned on the shores of Lake Macquarie, the Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery is a fantastic tourist and cultural destination, set against a leafy background and sculpture park, with an award-winning exhibition facility. Every visit to this place is a visual treat for art lovers, with some relevant and innovative programs throughout the year. Vivacious gallery-curated exhibitions alternate with remarkable touring shows, featuring works by talented artists, many of whom have a deep connection with the Hunter. Considerately strong Aboriginal projects are integrated within this program.

The shop inside the gallery offers an exclusive selection of high quality merchandise, novelty items, cards, catalogues, books, textiles, jewellery, glass and handcrafted ceramics. The key features include crafts people from Central Coast and Hunter regions, along with masterpieces established by emerging practitioners.

Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery

Housing an extensive collection of Australian colonial works, the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery features artworks by renowned painters Victorian painters such as Arthur Hacker RA, as well as James Ashton and James Coutts Michie. The gallery also houses a unique collection of Australian paintings from the early 20th century, including the works by Arthur Streeton and Margaret Preston through to modern works by David Malangi, Emily Kane Kngwarreye, Tim Storrier, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Lloyd Rees, Mandy Martin, Arthur Boyd, Clifton Pugh, Barbara Hanrahan, Charles Blackman, Rick Amor and many more fine artists.

The gallery was founded with donation of art pieces by George McCulloch and others in 1904, and is still known to be the oldest regional art gallery in New South Wales, housed inside the historic Sully’s Emporium.

Living Desert Reserve

Two of the key attractions in the Living Desert Reserve are the flora and fauna sanctuary and the sculptures.  The former is spread across an area of 180 hectares protected by an electric fencing. It has been designed carefully in away to provide a deep insight into the wildlife and indigenous culture of western New South Wales.  It’s a truly unique experience with a 1.5 km cultural trail taking you on a journey through Sturt Pea Wildflower display and the Arboretum.  You will go past the modern story pole artwork and the past culture embedded in the aboriginal attractions.

On the other hand, the Sculptures comprises of a dozen sandstone artworks with plenty of stories to tell. This iconic structure was accomplished in 1993 by a group of artists from across the world, and is located on a royal hilltop within the centre of the reserve.

Laddie Timbery Bidjigal Aboriginal Art and Crafts

In the recent years, this place has gained popularity for regularly producing artefacts and artwork, put on sale, with both contemporary and traditional artwork on offer. Laddie has a unique talent to burn designs into wood, and the family is also known for their shell art. There are plenty of other artefacts sold including bullroarers, didgeridoos and boomerangs, many of which are directly sourced from aboriginal artists in NSW.

You can interact with Laddie on topics of artwork history, aboriginal culture, use of artefacts and some demonstration of boomerang throwing.  Here you’ll always find someone interested in shelling out the facts!

Shoalhaven Regional Gallery

Located in Nowra, in the Shoalhaven Region South Coast NSW, the Regional Gallery serves as an exciting destination for art lovers, welcoming an extensive series of exhibition programs featuring traditional and modern works, along with an eclectic range of touring exhibitions by leading artists, works from the city art collection and community based exhibits. A total of 4 gallery spaces make up the venue, including Main, Foyer, Access and East.

The Shoalhaven Regional Gallery takes pride in developing dynamic programs, where people of all ages can get involved. It presents community, culture and art events focussed at public accessibility, education and development, for the use by entire community. Works by local artisans and artists are also supported by their Gallery shop.

Bega Valley Regional Gallery – Bega

Situated in the south east corner of the New South Wales, the Bega Valley Regional gallery is midway between Melbourne and Sydney, perfectly positioned within the Bega Valley Shire. You will literally fall in love with the place, boasting of a landscape with pristine wilderness, boutique villages, unspoilt coastline and rich pastures. The gallery is a settled colony for modern visual culture.

In one calendar year, it hosts up to 8 exhibitions, and the gallery takes pride in one of the richest and beloved portrait awards in the country, which is worth 50,000 Australian Dollars. It’s a reward prize for a realistic portraiture. Over the years, it has also been hosting exhibitions of national importance along with its own curated events, as a part of cultural tourism plan, with an idea to attract art lovers of the region. The gallery is funded by the NSW Government and the Bega Valley Shire Council.

Bowral Art Gallery

A committee of interested art lovers, along with Kath Smith founded the Berrima District Art Society in 1950. 20 years later, a cottage in Short Street of Bowral, became its permanent home. The society now plays an active role in the arts scene of the Southern Highlands region, taking pride in their commitment towards the same. Their main objective is to support and promote appreciation and practice of arts in the region.

In order to accommodate extensive workshops, a separate building was erected in the year 1993, where a variety of classes are held for people of all ages.  It covers painting in all mediums, including printmaking, life drawing and other subjects. To further improve the experience, a dedicated Sculpture Garden was developed in 2010 that you can visit.