Melbourne Music Fests To Attend In 2019

Melbourne Music Fests To Attend In 2019
The music scene in Melbourne for 2019 is nothing short of spectacular. Whether it’s just seeing the sights or hitting as many music fests as is possible, consider using bus hire in Melbourne with which to get around. This saves you the trouble of trying to navigate unfamiliar streets, and you don’t have to deal with bad traffic situations. Don’t stress yourself out behind the wheel when a glorious festival full of music, food, and more promises to supply you with a day to remember!

Golden Plains Festival

Usually around mid-March in Meredith, Victoria, this autumn festival takes place. Yes, autumn. Remember that, different from North America’s autumn, Australia’s autumn is up and running in March. Even though it’s autumn, the weather is expected to be warm, stable, and perfect for such an event. Partygoers will be offered an electric musical line-up, incredible food, and a definite party atmosphere not to be outdone by any other area party. The astounding collection of talent starts as the sun comes up and doesn’t finish until after the sun goes down.

Beyond the Valley

You’ve got lots of time to plan for this one because it takes place on the last few days of the year. Save your pennies and mark your calendars for the New Year’s Eve celebration that makes all others look feeble. Taking place outside Melbourne by about 75 minutes, this is one of the most grandiose celebrations to ever grace South-Eastern Victoria. The four-day festival held at Lardner Park is an all-out end of year/beginning of year extravaganza. Festivalgoers will experience partygoers of equal calibre enjoying thousands upon thousands of musical performances.

The astounding 60-meter wide stage will host numerous artists, both internationally and nationally acclaimed. This incredible stage will feature breathtaking visuals, stellar acts, lighting effects that are utterly sensational, and music that you’ll be humming all the way back to your hotel. This is the only way to bring in the new year!

Babylon Festival

You may not catch it this year, but the festival usually takes place around mid-March in Carapooee West, Victoria. It is a weekend of enchanting music and lifestyle camping. For three days, in the deepest parts of Australia’s wilderness, Babylon Festival features international live acts, electronic music acts, and so much more. The distinctive atmosphere is one of mindfulness, community exploration, and a unique world of art that blend together for an inspiring creation and collection of talent.

This festival a fairly well-kept secret, however, so you may have to search for exact dates and times.

Earth Core

We’re giving you plenty of notice on this one because it takes place during the latter part of November. This Pyalong, Victoria (just an hour drive from Melbourne) music festival spans an astounding five days. For almost a week, revelers can enjoy a wide array of musical talent on an impressive five incredible stages. Go alone or grab a bunch of friends and, for a glorious five days, relish your new way of life. Shut out the noises and hectic schedules of the workaday world. Let your hair down and enjoy!

Let Go Fest

Whoops! You missed the 2019 Mornington, Victoria celebration. But that’s okay, this gives you lots of time to get your trip organized for next year’s festival. Bring your loved one, closest friends, or the new friends you just made on the way over… but don’t miss this amazing day out. At Let Go Fest, you can enjoy a plethora of stages, multiple genres, and an unending supply of brilliant blue sky. Previously featured at this festival were acts such as Rufus, Set Mo, Hayden James, and other Australian big-name entertainers.

Pitch Festival

It’s just a little too late for this one in all likelihood but offering something to look forward to for next year, this celebration takes place in Carlton, Lake Wooroonook, and 80 miles north of Melbourne in Victoria. To give festival goers a real thrill, it features numerous artists, both local and international, presenting their signature tunes. Music aficionados can revel for four days in visual arts, gorgeous landscape, and contemporary electronic music.

Rainbow Serpent

In case you haven’t noticed, just outside Melbourne, there are numerous music festivals for your enjoyment. This is no exception. And, this is likely one of the most popular in all of Australia. If you fancy yourself a music festival aficionado, then be sure to catch next year’s Rainbow Serpent. It is scheduled to take place in January, with the specific dates yet to be determined.

2019’s festival, however, was spectacular with a combination of healing, relaxing, spiritual discussion and music, performance art, and more.

Once upon a time, this was a tiny little party with a few bands playing electronic music. It has since become one of the biggest and best opportunities to celebrate community, harmony, and nature.

Strawberry Fields

Even if you’re too old to recognize the British invasion band The Beatles, you may still recognise the title of one of their most popular tunes – Strawberry Fields. This celebration takes place in the Australian bush and offers great sounds, creative expression, and, if you’re staying in Melbourne, a quick commute. Every November, for three days, festivalgoers experience an eclectic selection of renowned and breakthrough electronic music from entertainers both locally based and from overseas.

Lose yourself in a sensory feast! Experience everything from live performance art, workshops and forum discussion to soul shaking sound, market stalls, world-class decor, artistic installations, and more.


Though this particular music festival is no longer taking place in Australia, it is mentioned here because everyone who ever attended one of its Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, or Brisbane locations is advocating very fervently for its return. So, on the chance that it does decide to grace Sydney with its presence once again, be on the lookout for it! Stereosonic was one of the largest, wildest, and most iconic electronic festivals to ever visit the likes of Australia. So, it’s no wonder that Australians are wishing and hoping for its return.

As you can see, Melbourne takes their music festivals very seriously. And with so many opportunities during which to party, do the responsible thing and leave the driving up to the professionals. Melbourne bus hire should always be figured into your holiday budget.