10 Exciting Events In Melbourne During May 2018

10 Exciting Events In Melbourne During May 2018

The event calendar of Melbourne is packed with blockbuster theatre shows, exhibitions, live music and arts festivals. The city has got a lot to offer, in terms of events and activities. You can choose minibus charter in Melbourne for a convenient ride to these May event destinations.

Lady Leshurr Australian Tour 2018

Following the sold-out show in 2017, Lady Leshurr is returning back for an Australian tour to perform in Sydney on the 2nd of May. The Grime Queen will be showcasing her quick-witted and humorous rap as she looks to connect with her fans. Given her online popularity, her reputation has grown significantly as one of the most prominent rappers in UK. Born and brought up in Birmingham, she is just 29 years of age and full of talent. The fans are surely going to have a great time with her performing on the stage.

Fair Square Ethical Lifestyle Festival

The largest ethical lifestyle festival, Fair@Square will be taking place at the Federation Square, which is known to be the busiest and biggest festival of its kinds. It is just a week before Mother’s Day, so it’s a perfect chance to find something for your Mommy this year. The festival provides you with an opportunity to be inspired by practices that can be implemented in daily lives for positive outcomes. The exhibition, Fair Fashion of the Future will be highlighting problems arising from fashion and textile supply chains which display design-led solutions.

May Day Market

On the 6th of May, 2018, a special May Day Market will be taking place to raise funds for ABLE Australia. The market will host a wide range of stallholders ranging from recycled or handmade products and wares to art and crafts. You can enjoy some great food, beer and music, as you ponder over handmade goods. The objective of the market is to give people the opportunity to visit the Moon Dog Brewery, showcasing local producers and artists.

Underwater Tour – Photography Event

Come along for an indulging underwater photography experience, where 4 photographers will be hitting the road to share their images and experiences. On the 11th of May, Dr Richard Smith, Darren Jew, Jason Isley and Jurgen Freund will join hands in Melbourne to share their stories, as well as treating audience with an immersive experience from the comfort of the seat. Witness some exceptional imagery from the giant humpback whales to majestic orcas and pristine coral reefs. You also get a chance to meet these photographers.


Creature is a story about a five year old girl, Dot, who has lost her way in the bushes. This adaptation of Dot and the Kangaroo will be presented at the Arts Centre in Melbourne on the 12th of May. Her rescue is aided by the help of a kangaroo who offers her miraculous berries. It allows her to comprehend the language of all the insects and animals around her. The story follows the adventure of both the Kangaroo and Dot, as she sets herself out on a unique journey. Enter the delightful world of the Aussie bushland to discover how our choices and actions influence the environment around us.

Mother’s Day High Tea – Melbourne Zoo

Although everyone has unconditional love for their mother, any given day of the year, the Mother’s day is just an excuse to show your mom how much you love her. On the 13th of May, the Restaurant Associates will be hosting a wonderful High Tea experience at Melbourne Zoo. Guests will be offered a wide selection of savoury items and delicate sweets from a buffet-style high tea, along with juice, Lavazza coffee, T2 tea and iced tea served throughout the event.

The Wizard of Oz Musical 2018

The timeless fantasy adventure tale of The Wizard of Oz Musical will take place at the Regent Theatre, starting 15th of May. Meet the sweet girl, Dorothy, who has to move away from her hometown after a tornado, finding herself in the magical land. She and her dog Toto must find their way to the Emerald city to see the Wizard, meeting the beloved Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow along the way. This is a relatively new stage show that was first premiered in March 2011 at the London Palladium Theatre.

The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular 2018

Celebrating all things beer, the Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular from 18th to 20th of May will host some of the best food purveyors, cider producers and the best breweries in Melbourne. Apart from some delicious food, you can learn about making beers, while socialising with people around you. It is much more than just a beer festival, featuring craft breweries, hundreds of ciders and beers, interactive stalls and outstanding local food vendors. There will be plenty of fun activities and entertainment on offer!

Faulty Towers: The Dandenong’s Weekend

Weekend escapes should be unique in their own sense. Here’s an opportunity for you to combine the elegance of Dandenong ranges with the comfort of a resort and a dinner show, presented by the CountryPlace. In this improvised, interactive comedy theatre show, you will be treated like a guest in a chaotic dining room, as you are served a 3-course meal. It’s going to be 2 hours of non-stop witty one-liners, slapstick and gags. You can check into your guest room with expansive views of the forest and gardens, along with many recreational facilities to take leverage of.

Puffs At Alex Theatre

For a limited season, the Australian premiere of Puffs will be returning back for another season, starting 26th of May at the Alex theatre. This potter inspired comedy gives a new perspective to the escapade of 3 new heroes, trying to make it through the magical school. One of them finds out that he’s a wizard, and the other 2 make their school life eventful. Written by Matt Cox and directed by Kristin Parker, Puffs will star Ryan Hawke, Eva Seymour, Rob Mills, Gareth Isaac, Daniel Cosgrove, Matthew Whitty and Tammy Weller.