Travel Perth Series: Swan Valley Minibus Hire

Travel Perth Series Swan Valley Minibus Hire

Famous for its rustic charm, Swan Valley keeps on appealing the visitors with its time-tested generations of recipes, tradition, and passion. The place served as a melting pot of colonial and southern European roots so there is so much to see, do, eat, and enjoy in this part of Australia. Be sure to choose Swan Valley minibus hire to visit the region anytime as the climate is quite sunny for most of the year, perfect for a memorable road trip holiday!


Considered as the gateway to Swan Valley, Guildford has stunning sights to go along with its remarkable tales from the past. It is acknowledged by the National Trust of Australia as a historic town. As one of the pioneering towns established in 1829, its beauty was preserved that residents and visitors alike can still enjoy the lovely town with its historical sights intact. There are so many places to stop by including the Rose and Crown Hotel that was built in 1841, Padbury’s Store built in 1869, and the Sterling Square where the Guildford Gaol, the Courthouse, and the Taylor’s Cottage can be found. It is also home to the world-famous Alfred’s Kitchen and other good restaurants. There is also an antique strip at James Street where you can shop for vintage wares. Among the second-hand shops are gift shops, chic furniture stores, and clothing shops.

Food and Wine Trail

The best way to experience Swan Valley is to have a taste of its delicious food and celebrated wines. The scenic region has more than 25 tasting spots for a food and wine trail with local wineries, cafes, breweries, chocolate shops and more. The tour is truly an indulgent to the tastebuds as you can either have sweet treats or the savoury ones. Choose for a small-group tour so you can have a personalized experience and able to sample fresh produce as well as meet the growers as they process the foods.

Boat Cruise From Perth

If you want to experience a relaxing sail where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun and the amazing view of the blue waters, take either a full or half day cruise along the Swan River from Perth towards the Swan Valley wine region. From there, you can have a hired vehicle to take you to the famed food and wine stops in Swan Valley.

Oasis Supa Golf and Adventure Putt

Play a modified version golf while being surrounded by the scenic landscapes of Swan Valley. The Oasis Supa Golf will let you get hours of fun playing nine holes using larger clubs and balls. You may also play at the 18-hole Adventure Putt course for a more relaxed game featuring spectacular gardens and water installations.

Caversham Wildlife Park

If you are after seeing a massive collection of Western Australia wildlife, the Caversham Wildlife Park is the place to be. You can experience hand-feeding kangaroos or have photo opportunities with the koalas. Have close encounters with possums, lizards, and wombats. There are roughly 200 species of fauna and animals in the park.

Windarra Honey

Another well-kept spectacle of Swan Valley is the family-owned business, Windarra Honey. Located at the heart of Swan Valley, it is a surprisingly fresh stop where you can taste and explore different flavours of honey. You can buy directly from the store so you can take a jar home either for your pancakes or as souvenir for your loved ones.

Margaret River Chocolate Company

The Margaret River Chocolate Company is a highly popular chocolate store along Margaret River. This one at Sun Valley is its second store and it adds up to the delight of those who are after the different flavours of the region. The Chocolate Factory awaits those who want to take a bite of its decadent chocolates.

The Maze and Outback Splash

The Maze is an adventurous and challenging experience as you go through the confusing tractor type mazes. There are also other things to do like play on its mini golf course and have hours of jumping fun at the Giant Jumping Pillow. After the already exhilarating activity, you may head over to the biggest water slide playground in Australia, the Outback Splash. Plummet down the inflatable water slide and experience getting splashed under the giant tipping bucket. You may also cool down by the waterside as you relax on a warm afternoon.

Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm

A visit to the Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm is a great way to introduce animals on your little ones. The kid-friendly farm offers a variety of interactive activities like animal feeding and petting. A must-visit for families, the children will have a blast touring around the farm while riding the tractor. The merry-go-round is a sweet and nostalgic ride that you can share with your kids.

Whiteman Park

Both a conservation and recreation reserve, the Whiteman Park is a great place to explore the Swan Valley bushland. The park covers 4000 hectares of natural woodlands with an impressive array of attractions that make it one of the best destinations for families on a Swan Valley holiday. Evening tours are available if you want to experience West Australia’s wildlife at night. You can also visit three museums intended for the visitors to learn about the transport heritage of the locals. These are the Revolutions Transport Museum, Motor Museum of WA, and the Tractor Museum of WA. You can also explore the park riding the tram and see the remnant farmland and bushlands. On Mondays, you can take the guided vintage bus tour where the kids can take a peek of the intriguing natural artworks such as the life-size wedge-tailed eagle’s nest, and the golden echidna. The attractions are mainly educational but never boring by the children’s standards.