Travel Brisbane Series: Rocklea Bus Charter

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About Rocklea

Rocklea is one of the largest suburbs in Brisbane, the name of which has been derived from the Rocky Waterholes in the area. The Oxley Creek borders the western section of the suburb. It is predominantly an industrial region, housing some of the largest firms connected to a range of industries. The suburb was also once a centre of the Shire of Yeerongpilly, which was disbanded in the year 1925, after the Brisbane city was formed.

Oxley Creek Common

Oxley Creek Common is a tranquil patch of wetland, inhabited with birds in the midst of an industrial and agricultural area. It has picnic amenities and paved walking trails for the visitors. If you are keen on witnessing over 180 bird species inhabiting the space, you should definitely go for a walk at dusk and dawn. The secret forest walk includes departing from the Red Shed, and after a few hundred metre distance, you can spot the whipbird, the Fairy Wren along with galahs, the Varied Triller and the Eastern Yellow Robin. The trail curves through the loops and creek, finally arriving at the Secret Forest, home to pied and grey butcherbirds. From here, you can take a diversion to the Pelican Island.

A walk to the island will take you through the Jabiru Swamp, which is home to the rare urban dwelling Jabiru and the Great Egret. The lagoon itself inhabits the biggest variety of birds, including both waterbirds and grassland.

Saturday Fresh Markets

This is one of the best parts about Rocklea. Saturday Fresh Markets is the renowned weekend arm of the Brisbane Markets, being a goldmine for bargain vegetables and fruits. You can find the market huddled within a bunch of open-sided purpose built souk-style stalls. On Sundays, these are replaced with a ‘Sunday Discovery Market’ of the treasure hunter. Here, you will find a vast and comprehensive range of fruits and vegetables on offer, including plump raisins, fresh figs, rhubarb, pak choy, lobok, chestnuts, whole beetroot, whole jackfruit and dragon fruit.

A small German smokehouse sells Debreceni, cheese Kransky, smoked speck, German style bacon, Kessler and gypsy ham, while at the fish stalls, you can grab fresh salmon and mud crab at great prices. Some of the other offerings include Turkish pides, pumpkin cob, mango butter, guava jelly jam, wines, tapenades, fresh pasta, Vietnamese baguettes, French bon bons and fresh cooked popcorn. You can also treat your dog with a gourmet of pork rope, cow hooves, kangaroo jerky and ostrich tendons.

Evolve Café

This fully organic café is popular for serving raw treats, cold pressed juices, Byron Bay Tea, Supreme coffee, lunch and breakfast. Tucked in the back corner, surrounded by shelves of natural health and organic food, customers can relax at gorgeous raw timber bar overlooking the cafe. Healthy breakfast fare ranges from homemade buckwheat granola infused with cinnamon and maple (served with almond milk, vanilla bean coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit) to a Paleo breakfast including avocado and poached eggs served on spinach bed, in addition to crispy sweet potato hash, tamari mushrooms and garlic.

On the other hand, the lunch options include grilled chicken bagels with grilled zucchini, tomato and cheddar cheese, roasted capsicum and marinated organic chicken, along with the Nutrition Bomb (bowl of quinoa with avocado, garlic mushrooms and stir fried vegetables). One can also try quinoa nori rolls, Rainbow Kale and tasty fresh salads like zucchini pesto pasta, roasted pumpkin and creamy potato.

Griffith University Nathan Campus

This public research university in Queensland was officially founded in the year 1971. It was in 1975, when the university opened its doors, introducing the first ever degree in environmental science and Asian studies in Australia. It was named after the first Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, Sir Samuel Walker Griffith. The university currently has 5 campuses across 3 cities, the largest of them being the Nathan campus near Rocklea. Having started with 451 students, the university currently has more than 44000 students pursuing a wide range of courses. You should definitely visit this beautiful campus, if you are here in Brisbane.

South Bank Parklands

Known for its culturally rich history, the South Bank Parklands is a recreational, educational and social precinct, which were established on the former site of World Expo 88. Flanked by some of the major attractions including the Parklands, River Quay, Little Stanley Street, Stanley Street Plaza and The Wheel of Brisbane, it is considered a paradise of natural beauty. Occupying 17 hectares of waterfront land, it features picnic areas, swimming facilities, walking tracks and more. You also have a wide range of restaurants, bars and cafes offering a wide scope of cuisines including Italian, Thai and more. If you are an art lover, you can hop into one of the galleries including Queensland Performance Arts Centre, Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery.

The Queensland Sport and Athletic Centre

Initially known by the names of ANZ Stadium and Queen Elizabeth II Stadium, the Queensland Sport and Athletic Centre was built for Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1982. The stadium is currently used for local, national and international athletics. With a total capacity of almost 50,000, the stadium consists of 2 large grandstands on both sides of the playing field. A sports complex is housed inside, and the venue has also hosted tennis games, with the Davis Cup being played a couple of times. These days, the centre does not play host to many popular events, however it is a venue for concerts, motorcross and soccer events.

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