Travel Brisbane Series: Red Hill Bus Charter

Travel Brisbane Series Red Hill Bus Charter

Brisbane, as a city, is a wonderful tourist destination both for the locals as well as foreigners. However, there is a lot more to it than the hurly burly of the city. Head to the outskirts and you have some amazing suburbs, including Red Hill. You can consider planning a trip here, and if you are travelling in a group, make sure to book minibus hire with driver in Red Hill.  


About Red Hill

Located towards the north-west of Brisbane CBD, Red Hill is an inner suburb and one of the oldest in the city. The name has been taken from the steeps hills which had plenty of red rocks and soil. Primarily a residential community, the suburb is quite hilly with shops and small stores located on Waterworks and Musgrave Roads. Before 1918, the Musgrave road is known to be the main shopping strip with furniture shops, drapers, fruiter, grocers, motor garage and a picture theatre.

Red Hill Gallery

Red Hill Gallery is one of the beloved private art galleries known for exhibiting works for renowned artists.  Visit this place to witness some incredible masterpieces, along with some original artworks that are put on sale, giving you an ideal opportunity to get your own piece of art heaven. Some of the popular artists whose works have been exhibited here include David Hart, John Maitland, Jamie Boyd, Dan Mason, Dean Reilly, Herman Pekel, Keith Rowe and Joseph Zbukvic. Apart from original paintings, you can select from works on sculpture, ceramics, glass art and paper. Public sale happens at regular intervals, giving you an opportunity to expand your art collection.

Woolcock Park

The Woolcock Park has been recently rejuvenated with a ‘sensory’ theme. With a hammock swing, solar powered musical mushrooms and smooth pebbled ‘Reflexology Walk’, this is a wonderful place to relax. Some of the other facilities in the park include leaf-shaped picnic tables, walking paths, bike paths, swings, slides and a half-court basketball. It’s worth visiting this place with your kids. The nature theme of the park is its sensory aspect, where you can spot ducks or water dragons, while exploring rocky and bush reflexology path. The park also has wheelchair accessible water fountains and toilets, as well as walking and bike paths. On-site barbecue facilities are also available in shaded areas.

Ithaca War Memorial and Park

Known to be the only war memorial clock in Brisbane, the Ithaca War Memorial and Park keeps memories and time, hidden from passing traffic. The 4-side clock mounted on top of a stone memorial is a tribute to 130 local men who dies during World War I.  In February 1922, it was unveiled by Governor Sir Matthew Nathan. It was in 1920, when the residents began fundraising for the project, and commissioned masonry firm under supervision of Ithaca town engineer to create the memorial. The clock dominated the landscape sited on a bare hilltop known as Cooks Hill, sandwiched between Latrobe and Enoggera terraces. Plantings were used to soften the bareness, designed by gardener Alexander Jolly. In the gardener’s memory, the park has been renamed as Alexander Jolly Park.


Botanica in Red Hill is a difficult place to describe. It’s a new-age takeaway, real foods peddler and gourmet heaven. This Euro-styled little outlet, with a home in a tiny 1920s shop opposite the skate centre, is the foodie heart of the suburb. Drop in at the morning time for some wicked chocolate brownies with salted coconut caramel, Bundt cakes, moist vanilla cupcakes, gluten free goodies and freshly baked loaves of organic bread.

The lunch time is all about fantastic salads and a fresh range of delightful ingredients including green beans, fried almonds, spiced peanut puree, celery root, pumpkin, wild rice, beetroot slaw, Israeli cous cous and Pesto potatoes.  Later in the afternoon you can pick up boxes of healthy accompaniments.

St Brigid’s Church, Red Hill

St Brigid’s is a heritage-listed Roman Catholic Church located at Musgrave Road in Red Hill. Constructed from 1912 to 1914, it was designed by Robin Dods and built by Thomas Keenan. In October 1992, it was added to the Queensland Heritage Register. It was in 1882, when the original church was opened, replacing a previously built stone structure in 1877. As the community grew in numbers, a larger space was required to accommodate people. The church that stands today had its foundation stone laid in May 1912. The township was mostly composed of poor immigrants from Ireland; hence the church became a central point of the Irish catholic cause in the state.

Presided over by Archbishop of Brisbane James Duhig and attended by Archbishop of Melbourne Daniel Mannix, the church’s opening ceremony was one of the biggest events in the life of Brisbane’s Catholic community. St Brigid’s construction was regarded as the onset of the age of Catholicism in Brisbane.

Steam Train Espresso

This hot-spot is a favourite among locals and passers-by. As they say ‘Good things comes in little packages’; this is particularly true for this suburban cafe. In spite of limited space, the owner has worked it out smartly to make it highly functional. The bucolic breakfast bar snuggles against a side wall, covered in wallpaper that imitates a lime-washed brick wall, and the front counter boasts recycled timber from a mansion in New Farm. Vibrant seating completes this relaxed, airy and bright interior while the outside is characterized by casual timber and cane settings, under the shade of a canopy. It’s a perfect setting for those who love to watch the world passing by.

One of the key highlights of this place is the locally roasted Fonzie Abbott Coffee, which is quite popular with those who have an idea about the beans. If you enjoy your coffee cravings, you should definitely order this beautiful smooth drink that leaves no bitter aftertaste. Delicious smoothies are made onsite, while Parker’s organic juices and cold pressed coffee are stocked. It’s a great place to hang out, when you are looking for a quick coffee chat with your other half!