The best mobile Apps for travelers visiting Australia

The internet and mobile technologies have pretty much changed most aspects of our lives, the way we travel has certainly been influenced by the amount of technology available to us, and in many ways, it has gotten a lot easier to gain access to travel resources instantly.


Let us create a short list of some of the most useful travel Apps we have found, I’m sure you’ll find more than one to be useful to you. And don’t forget, if you need any extra support when planning and creating a trip you wont forget for the rest of your life, remember you can always send us a message with your questions, we love to help and make everyone’s vacations easy!



Booking your tickets when traveling to Australia:

One of my favorite websites (and application now a days) that allow you not only to find the best flight deals word while, you can also book directly from the website as-well. One of my favorite things about this website its their Kayak Explore Feature which is as intuitive as its awesome. Just pick the are of the world you want to go to and you will get a world wide look at all your options, prices and distances included!


Honestly, I never start planning a trip without consulting Kaya’s little explorer helper, just an amazing and extremely useful tool for all travelers out-there.


Once you arrive at Sydney:



A free GPS app that offers everything you’ll ever need. It’s accurate and improving each version (and they are praised for the effective traffic feature it posses which alerts you when there’s congestion ahead). It also includes features that will show attractions and points of interest which makes it a great options for those travelers that like to explore rather than just going from point A to point B.

Perfect World Clock

Well, if you have been traveling through multiple countries in a very shirt time, you will become slightly confused regarding which particular time zone you are at. With Perfect World Clock, as you might have figured out from the name of the app, will allow you to quickly identify your exact position in the world and get your schedules on the right time quickly and with ease (very extremely useful for business travelers).


TravelSafe ProTravelSafe Pro

Safety and security during your travels in foreign countries is, of-course, a main worry for most travelers. TravelSafe Pro  tries to unite all emergency numbers and contacts you could ever need, in any city in the world. Their databases are growing fast too, and luckily, most of Australia’s main cosmopolitan areas are included.

XE Currency

Well of-course you want to know exactly how much your international dollars are worth regarding of the country you are at. With a quick glance at this useful and simple app, you’ll get instant corroboration of how much money you should be getting at all exchanges. This app is particularly more useful when you traveling along countries like South East Asian nations where the likeability of getting ripped off over exchange rates is bigger, but an extremely useful App non the less.


Ok, just for the sake of it, there’s really no App that can make this task more efficient. So do please allow me to show you how you are meant to pack your clothes for the best possible effect. Roll them up of-course!