Sydney Music Fests to Attend in 2019

Sydney Music Fests To Attend In 2019
Sydney bus hire is not only a stress-free and pleasant way to get around town when attending 2019’s music festivals, it’s the smartest way to go about it! Who needs to hassle with traffic, GPS, foreign laws, and more, when you can start the party early and keep the party going without worrying about the drive? When it comes to music festivals, Sydney knows how to please a crowd – be it locals, visitors, or a blend of both so check them out!

Days Like This

It’s coming up fast, and if you miss it, you’ll have to check out the 2020 festival. This year, however, at Victoria Park Saturday, on March 9, Tini Tourist, Ross from Friends, Mall Grab, Made in Paris, Horse Meat Disco, Dusky, DJ Harvey, Cassette, and more will be performing for your pleasure. Here you will find an extravaganza of techno, electronic, and house music featuring incredible acts, an amazing view of the city skyline, and grassy dance floors.

Return to Rio

This festival runs from November 8th through the 10th, from 12 PM until 10 PM. Also known as the Fancy Dress Party – the biggest in Australia – it allows participants to step into a peculiar, fantastical, and magical world where the name of the game is having a good time. Unleash the party animal inside you! Wear your most creative, weirdest, and craziest costume imaginable. When it comes to outrageous, there is no such animal at this festival.

What started out as a pool party has morphed into an epic weekend boutique music festival featuring kangaroos, dancing, a splash park, giant jumping cushions, costumes, water skiing, performances, and crazy golf! Whipping up some of the most delicious creations in Sydney, the mixologists will tantalize you with beverages that will propel you to another level.
If you are interested in more low-key rest and relaxation, take a yoga break, a dip in the pool, or a house boat cruise (complete with hot tub), and recharge. This party has everything you need, so once you’re here, you won’t need to leave until it’s time to go home.

Listen Out

At Harborlife, this party by the water is only a one-day November event – so make it count! It kicks off the summer festival season, and included performers like Eli Brown, Green Velvet, and MK last year. Situated by Circular Quay, Mrs. Macquarie’s Point promises dazzling Harbor Bridge and Opera House views. Add that to the already existing atmosphere and you’ve got a winning setting for one of the shortest, but best, music festivals in Sydney. (Specific November date is yet to be confirmed.)


The November dates for the 2019 Harborlife music celebration have yet to be announced, so keep a close watch out. Some of last year’s performers included the ever-popular Eli Brown, Green Velvet, and MK. This festival signifies a celebration of the beginning of the summer festival season. So that, even though it only goes for one day, it’s a big and all-important party, and not to be missed.

Situated directly aside Circular Quay, the party takes place at Mrs. Macquarie’s point. This incredible location offers dazzling views of a Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. If you really want to kick your enjoyment up a notch, do what so many other visitors do and enjoy the event from the water by chartering a vessel.

Sydney City Limits

Oh, you just missed this one! But, again, that gives you plenty of time to plan for next year’s massive celebration. This year was spectacular, so one can only imagine what the festival planners have in store to outdo 2019’s celebration. The festival caters to all ages and only goes for one day, so get all your partying in fast and hard! You will enjoy an impressive array of acts by seasoned veterans, newcomers, and everything in between. This year, Centennial Parklands came alive while listening to one of the most famous names around – Grace Jones. Also in attendance were

Tasha Saltana, Thunder Cat, the Libertines, and Advanced Joy.

You may be familiar with Texas’ Austin City Limits gig (United States) – it is on a grandiose scale. For those who attend the Sydney City Limits Festival, it will be right up there with the party in Texas. There are incredible food options for attendees, and the general atmosphere promotes warm sense of community while featuring the opportunity for the enjoyment of amazing artists.

Field Day

This is Sydney’s music festival celebrating New Year’s Day, and actually begins on the last day of December. So, you’ve got lots of time to plan your trip and get your party day arrangements made. Since 2002, this has been a staple as far as New Year’s Day Sydney celebrations go. For each and every fan of hip-hop, indie, electronic, and house music, this is the go-to event of the year. Every year, piling into The Domain, are well over 20,000 revelers.

From all over the world this end of year/beginning of year party attracts numerous artists. Some of last year’s entertainers were DJ Snake, Schoolboy Q, Bauuer, George Maple, and Flume. Before the party starts, the New Year’s celebration kicks off with a bang with the world-famous, ever popular New Year’s fireworks. There’s no better way to follow something like that than with an all-out music party.


We wrap up our 2019 festivities with a December celebration taking place on Friday the 6th through Monday the 9th. Celebrate magic, music, beats, love, and peace at this traditional early bird celebration of Christmas. Enjoy community, humanity, nature, art, life, and love at this sensational Sydney celebration.

And for next year, make sure to plan ahead so that you will be ready for the New Year’s Day Sydney Music Festival, the mid-January FOMO Festival, the late January Electric Gardens Festival, and February’s Sydney City Limits Festival. Don’t forget to set aside a budget for Sydney bus hire so that you can relax and enjoy time between destinations.