Mobile Apps adventure travelers can’t be without

appsGiven the popularity of our latest article on some of the most useful apps for traveling, we decided to expand the list slightly, only this time we wanted to focus on the more adventurous type of traveler.

If there’s one thing we have learn by providing transport solution to travelers during all these years is that there aren’t two people that view travel in the same way. While there are those that see comfort and style as the main factors in a successful travel experiences, there are those beings out there who actually get a lot more enjoyment of the random, unexpected and generally unpredictable situations that one comes across while traveling wonderful and unknown lands. We make no destination between the types as we love to create special and custom travel experiences for all, and do allow us to remind you that you can always contact us with any questions and/or requests you might have regarding your travels in Australia, we love to help after all!


Packing Pro



No adventure can begging without a bit of planning before hand. Hit list allows travelers to keep adding destinations they might like to go in the near future, by combining this list with other information you will so kindly provide, Hitlist will make sure to let you know of any change in the ticket price, it will advice you when is a good idea to buy them, which hotels you should go to (based on your budget or travel references for instance) and it can even suggest places, attractions, restaurants or other points of interest at the destination selected.


Keep everything organized and be alerted of the best time to finalize all your travel arrangements. Personally, a factor I quite enjoy from this App is the fact that, as customizable it is (you can input a lot of personal details like preferences, hobbies, budget and interests for it to make suggestions to you), you still don’t have absolute control of where to go. Simply, the App will tell you your best options (based on all the factors we just talked about) so that you can always make the decision when you best seem fit, this has just made me in love with this app, because, as much as I do like to plan, I do enjoy when things just happen spontaneously.


With the perfect mix between spontaneity and planning, this App will surely make choosing your next travel destination quite the interactive and fun activity.


Derive App

Well, a big part of having an adventure is facing the unknown, this App will actually get you lost so that you can find things you never thought existed, sounds exiting doesn’t it?


The way this wonderful software works is as interesting as it is interactive. Armed with a map that shows your current position, the App will provide you with a series of challenges or instructions that you need to follow in order to discover new areas or places around your location. You are obviously heavily encouraged to take pictures and add oersonal notes on all the new sots they have discovered based on the instructions provided. All discoverires, notes , pictures and even videos are automatically updated (they arent’t real time yet, but slowly getting there) so that all other users can have access to your personal insights and expant the common knowledge even further for the bettering of the communal travel experience. Does sound very awesome doesnt it?




Travel is a different experience to everyone, no two people will travel in the same manner. These apps we looked at today are tailored for a very particular kind of traveler: The adventure tourists. This type of people, though certainly like to plan and prepare for the unexpected, actually enjoy (and openly embrace) the wonders of uncertainty