A Guide To Brisbane Budget Dining And Affordable Restaurants

A Guide To Brisbane Budget Dining And Affordable Restaurants


Being the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is also the third largest city in Australia. Considering its population, it is not a wonder that there are so many restaurants and big hotels in the city. Though it is not a bustling metropolis that can be compared to London or New York, Brisbane is a huge city that is naturally endowed with a pleasant outdoor climate that ensures a constant supply of fresh produce to the food markets.

The great climate which is associated with big appetites is also part of the answer to the lovely lifestyle in the sea-side city. The city is a collection of vibrant urban villages with each suburb being a hub of activity by itself.  For those on a budget, it is worthwhile to note that there are a good number of great places to eat at without breaking the bank. In addition, the dining scene is ever expanding around many of the city’s corners with many affordable and stylish food places.

pasta dishCafe Dali

This café is located in the Broadway on the Mall, Queen Street which is a convenient location for anyone within Queen Street which is right in the city. The café offers Spanish delicacies at great prices and also offers a wide variety of pasta dishes, gourmet sandwiches among a huge menu to choose from. Apart from food, Café Dali offers a wide selection of coffees, liquors and wines making it an ideal place for people within the city. For visitors and workaholics late in the office or working over the weekend, this is a first choice café with the doors open 24/7.

Explorer’s Cafe

In 63 Turbot street sits a hidden gem, Explorer’s Café, which is a nutritious eatery that offers an excellent venue for lunch or dinner for both locals and visitors in the city. The warm friendly atmosphere is one of the factors that will have the café packed with all kinds of people including office workers. The café is a perfect spot to savour delicious fresh food and drinks seven days a week. The place is perfect for meetings because it is easy to access.

E’cco Bistro

E’cco Bistro is a classy place that is ideal for romantic dinners and special occasions such as valentine’s night out. The location in the corner of Adelaide and Boundary Street makes it a perfect place for people frequenting both streets while at the same time a perfect meeting place considering its central location, the corner. The service is great, making their delicious food more appetizing coupled with the large servings that are low cost. However, to get a perfect seat, it is important to book in advance to ensure you don’t sit in the lobby due to the high number of patrons.


Jameson’s is a perfect place for a night out. The restaurant splits across two levels complete with a local band where you can have a brief release from the busy city life. The location offers a picturesque view of the river, giving the night outs in the restaurant a relaxed ambiance of relaxation that can suit any occasion, considering the meals are reasonably priced.


Jojo’s offers a relaxing and casual atmosphere that is suitable for a quick lunch or afternoon tea with friends or even a romantic dinner for two. This Queen Street Mall restaurant offers grill, Thai or Mediterranean cuisine will always leave you asking for more. The great service that is available as early as 4.30pm for early eaters is appealing both to the stomach and your pocket. The good location makes it an easy walk in the restaurant for all people and bearing in mind that prices are pocket friendly, backpackers will love it.

Pier Nine

Located at Brisbane’s Eagle Street Pier, 1 Eagle Street, Pier Nine is an ideal restaurant for delicious breakfasts or appetising lunches enjoyed while overlooking the Brisbane River and the Story Bridge. It is advisable to start your day with a mouth-watering breakfast that ranges from scrambled egg mixed with herbs, plus bacon and egg rolls in addition to pastries and fresh fruit or juices. For lunch, there is a wide variety to choose from; starting with hamburgers and schnitzels, or you can invent a personal menu by combining various salads available that can be accompanied by the ready cuts. Though a bit expensive than many others on this list, its services are top notch and the atmosphere here is sure to lure your appetite.

pizzaTopolino’s Pizza & Pasta

Topolino’s is open for sixteen hours a day and serves up delicious pizza and pasta. With its location, 124 Leichardt Street in Spring Hill, Topolino’s Pizza & Pasta offers good value for Italian food. Inevitably, Italian food that is served monopolises the menu, considering the large Italian Australian populations that frequent here. The décor and location brings out a cosy Mediterranean environment for its clients. In addition to eating at the restaurant, take away pizza is available in addition to a delivery service offered.

 Pane e Vino

Brisbane’s busy street corner of Albert and Charlotte harbours the famous Pane e Vino which is popular with huge breakfasts. This is a popular Italian eatery set on a busy street corner that is open sided. Having been in business for over twenty years, Pane e Vino understands that the food business is competitive and has made sure that there is something for everyone. The menu offers a wide range of risottos and pastas, including many other Mediterranean dishes. The long hours of service make this restaurant a perfect place for dinner as well as family dinner outs.

As you can see, there are many affordable restaurants in Brisbane that you can choose from if you want the best value for money when it comes to eating out. When you are on a minibus tour, you can also ask the driver of the hired minibus to help you locate any of the restaurants. Who knows, maybe the minibus driver has even better suggestions when it comes to Brisbane budget dining!