10 Upcoming Events In Sydney For February 2018

10 Upcoming Events In Sydney For February 2018

With minibus hire in Sydney, tourists will find it easy to attend any of the interesting events happening in the city. Whether you enjoy fine art, sports, theatre or world class dining, you will find that Sydney has something for everyone. If you are visiting Sydney in February, why not attend some of the most awaited events in the city? Check them out!

Darlo Country Club Brunch

This event will be held on Saturday, February 3rd at the upscale Darlo Club and features delicious food and beverages for the family. Participants can enjoy Bellini along with cured salmon, scrambled eggs, a bread basket, chicken skewers, French toast (Nutella style) and Chia pudding with fruit and coconut milk, all in a relaxing atmosphere. This food is healthy and tastes wonderful – an unbeatable combination!

Real Estate Purchasing Class

Those interested in buying a home in Australia will benefit greatly from this course. It starts on February 6th, 2018 and lasts for three hours. It teaches participants the nuances of the Australian real estate market, the differences and similarities it shares with other realty markets, and the process involved with buying a home in Australia, obtaining approval for a loan, collaborating with real estate agents as well as how to avoid common mistakes and pitfalls. This is knowledge that can save you thousands of dollars and is a must see event for anyone who is planning to acquire property or become an Australian resident.

Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hour

Racing enthusiasts won’t want to miss this event. It features an international race which will last for 12 hours and will showcase Australian motor sports. From February 2nd until February 4th, teams from around the world will converge at the Bathurst Mount Panorama to test their skills on one of Australia’s top race tracks. If you enjoy performance cars and speed, be sure to show up.

Super Bowl 52 Celebration in Luna Park

Australians love American Football almost as much as Americans themselves, and they will demonstrate this devotion by hosting a Super Bowl 52 live event in Luna Park. The event starts on February 5th where the game will be live streamed across three massive screens. This is the perfect venue to get together with friends, family and anyone who enjoys football. Also included at this event will be drinks, American Buffet (all you can eat) and NFL commentators along with an interactive zone for games.

Shrek Musical

Anyone who has seen and enjoyed the Shrek films won’t want to miss this event. It starts on February 2nd, 2018 and will be held at the Riverside Theatre Parramatta. It will appeal especially to families with children and will feature characters from the film such as Fiona, Donkey, and Lord Farquaad and of course, Shrek himself. Expect lots of singing and dancing with a production quality which is on par with Broadway. Original tracks from the film will be included, along with songs that are completely new.

Kid’s Soccer Competition

This event will start on February 2nd and is geared towards children that enjoy the outdoors and sports, particularly soccer. A tournament will be held in which youth are able to demonstrate their confidence and skill, while having fun and meeting new friends in the process. This venue is best for children who already have a fundamental understanding of soccer and how the game is played.

The Lunar Market of Sydney Morning Herald

The Lunar Market is one of Sydney’s most highly anticipated events for the month of February; especially for Asian food enthusiasts. You can tour the town near Pyrmont Bay Park where you can visit this culinary festival of pop up food which displays a wide and rich collection of exclusive Asian dishes. Dine as much as you like beneath Chinese lanterns as you try out fried rice, satay sticks, dumplings and a whole host of other Asian foods far too numerous to mention here.

Red Hot Summer Tour

The Summer Series is returning to Sydney Hills and is highly anticipated by fans. It will start on the 4th of February and will feature an exciting line up of Australian musicians including The Screaming Jets, Chocolate Starfish, The Angels and the very popular Suzi Quatro. Tickets are available now for this upcoming live music event which has already toured other parts of Australia. Anyone who enjoys rock music will definitely want to check it out, as it showcases some of the best up and coming acts the country has to offer.

Outdoor Cinema at Sydney Hills

The only thing better than watching a captivating film is doing so outdoors. Bring your family and friends to Sydney Hills where you can enjoy mouth-watering food and drinks while watching hot new Blockbuster releases and classics. This year marks the fourth time the outdoor cinema has been held, and it has become very popular with both Sydney residents and those visiting the city. One thing which makes this outdoor cinema different from all others is the service of private butlers along with the Cabana Class, which is a bed king sized that has Balinese draping and blankets. You can also set up VIP tents with banana lounge seats.

Farmers Market At Moore Park

Both Sydney residents and visitors alike agree that the Farmers Market at Moore Park offers some of the city’s top produce, and does so at very reasonable prices. The location is about ten minutes from the city’s business district, and attendees will get to enjoy a very fun atmosphere where they can explore and purchase native Australian food along with Asian and South Pacific imports. While many of the foods here will be familiar to Americans and other Westerners, there will also be Indian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Island ingredients that may be completely new. There is also a playground for children along with free parking.